Adverse SEO
Kill Your Competition

What is Negative SEO?

We all know that good SEO is the life blood of an online business. Without good rankings, an online business has to pay way too much for traffic. But what happens when someone finds your good work too much to compete with and tries to undo what you've been able to do. First thing to remember here is that negative SEO is almost all the time malicious. Some one is out to do you harm. One way to accomplish that is by using techniques that are referred to as negative search engine optimization. Some say the negative SEO isn't even possible.

Matt Cutts a senior engineer with Google says "I won't go out on a limb and say it's impossible. But Google bowling is much more inviting as an idea than it is in practice." Google bowling is when a person or company artificially posts thousands of links to a site in a very short time. Links to a site are a good thing, but if they show up all at once, that is a red flag to the search engines and they may penalize rather than reward that many incoming links. You can, by not being familiar with good SEO practices, do this to yourself. Don't buy into link farms; don't throw up hundred or thousand page sites overnight. Any of these practices will land you in big trouble with the search engines and are not good SEO practices for any site hoping to rank well, and thus can have a negative effect when used on competitor's sites. One other negative SEO technique is to post bunches of pages that push bad comments about your company deeper into the ranks.

Let us say you have people who are good at writing content for your site and get good search results for their work, so you rank well. Someone comes along and make a critical comment about your company. Those show up at the top of some of the search pages. You set your copy writers to work posting articles on the same subject as the critical pages and those critical pages get pushed down in the rankings. There are many ways to skin a cat and the same goes for the talented people who populate the web. Keep your sites safe from negative SEO by staying alert to the tactics mention here.